WBA Summer Academies 2021




The WBA Summer Academies provide masterclasses and concerts with worldwide renowned brass players and professors in European Culture Centers. All WBA Summer Academies are supported by the International Society for Arts, Education and Cultural Exchange e.V. and further WBA partners.

9 - 14 August 2021 Spantekow, Germany

16 - 21 August 2021 Paris, France

22 - 25 August 2021 Leuven, Belgium

26 - 30 August 2021 Eisenach, Germany


For all other WBA academies in cooperation with partner universities, conservatories, orchestras or music institutions worldwide, please contact the local organizing partners.

We are sorry to inform you, that the organizer had to cancel the festival. The Eisenach Brass Week will start earlier instead.

Thank you for your understanding.


For more information please scroll down to The Eisenach Bass Week.


WBA Summer Academies 2020


17 - 21 August 2020 Paris, France

22 - 25 August 2020 Leuven, Belgium

26 - 30 August 2020 Eisenach, Germany

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Información en Español


WBA Summer Academies 2019


19 - 25 August 2020 Paris, France

26 - 31 August 2020 Eisenach, Germany


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