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The internationally renowned piccolo trumpeter Prof. Otto Sauter is known for his extraordinary commitment to promoting young musicians. He founded the International Trumpet Academy Bremen (1994 - 2000), a worldwide unique training model for highly talented trumpeters, to which internationally renowned universities such as the Royal Academy of Music London, UK and the Toho Gakuen School of Music, Tokyo, Japan, regularly sent students, and made the International Trumpet Days Bremen (1991 - 2000) the largest brass festival in the world. In 2014 he founded the World & European Brass Association, a cooperation of internationally renowned universities, orchestras, music institutions, professors, and musicians to support brass music, education, intercultural-, expert-, and professional exchange in concerts, master classes and symposia with cultural partners in currently 51 countries worldwide.



Cooperation with internationally renowned

Universities, Orchestras,

Professors & Soloists



The faculty of the World & European Brass Association includes worldwide approximately 80 internationally renowned professors from universities, conservatories, and orchestras.


This offers students of the WBA International Trumpet Academy funded by the Werner & Marlene Schöder Foundation not only the opportunity to study with the finest professors and artists, but also to gain recognition among leading international figures for their future careers.


Students from partner and other Universities:

The WBA International Trumpet Academy offers students from special partner universities a program coordinated with these universities. In principle, students from other universities are also free to study at the Academy. However, we request prior agreement between your professor and our artistic director. 


Our Team of Professors & Soloists

  • Prof. Otto Sauter, International Soloist, Artistic Director World & European Brass Association, Cologne, Germany
  • Sergei Nakariakov, International Soloist, Paris, France
  • Assoc. Prof. Iskander Akhmadullin, Assoc. Professor of Trumpet, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, USA
  • Pacho Flores, former Principal Trumpet Miami Symphony Orchestra, USA, International Soloist, Valencia, Spain
  • Prof. Gabriele Cassone, Professor Conservatory Novara, International Soloist, Novara, Italy
  • Prof. Marc Geujon, Principal Trumpet National Opera Orchestra Paris, Professor Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et Danse Paris, France
  • Prof. Benny Wiame, former Principal Trumpet Royal Flemish Philharmonic and Rotterdam Philharmonic, Professor Conservatoire Maastricht, Netherlands, University College Ghent and Luca School of Arts Leuven, Belgium
  • Helmut Fuchs, Principal Trumpet Staatskapelle Dresden, former Professor Musikhochschule Dresden, Germany
  • Prof. Mark Inouye, Principal Trumpet San Francisco Symphony, Professor San Francisco Conservatory, USA
  • Prof. Andrea Tofanelli, Professor Vecchi-Tonelli Conservatory of Music Modena, International Jazz Soloist, Italy
  • Prof. Juan Fernando Avendaño, Principal Trumpet of the National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia and Professor at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Prof. Daniel Marcel Crespo, Principal Trumpet Philharmonic Orchestra of the Teatro Colón, Professor Conservatory Franz Liszt in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Joakim Wangendahl, Co-Principal Trumpet Royal Opera House Stockholm, Sweden
  • Prof. Dariusz Mikulski, Professor for Horn Music Academy Lodz and Conductor and international Soloist, Poland
  • Prof. Sabine Kierdorf, Guest Professor Universidade Federal do Amazonas Manaus, Brazil and Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, China, former Head of Events, Arena AufSchalke, Management German Music Festival FIFA Football World Championship 2006TM, Cologne, Germany

A globally unique intensive curriculum

Prof. Otto Sauter, together with internationally renowned specialists and professors from leading universities, developed a unique training model for the International Trumpet Academy Bremen. Many students won orchestra auditions and positions as solo trumpeters in international orchestras even before completing their studies, due to their excellent training. This success has made the Academy a leading address worldwide in the search for up-and-coming trumpet players.


At the WBA International Trumpet Academy funded by the Werner & Marlene Schöder Foundation, each student has about 6 hours of practical online lessons per week. The professors work in a rotating principle, which allows to engage the worldwide specialists for all subject areas. Since playing a brass instrument is resembling a high-performance sport that should not be interrupted by extended vacation periods, the Academy has only 2 months of vacation per year, 4 weeks in summer, 2 weeks in winter and 2 weeks in spring. Regular universities have ca. 5 months of vacation per year.


The training models of the World & European Brass Association are unique in the world and the World & European Brass Association Online Academy is an important reference point for international students, not only in times of Covid-19. It offers e.g., young students the opportunity to learn at the highest level in their familiar environment.


With the new WBA International Trumpet Academy funded by the Werner & Marlene Schöder Foundation expensive travel and living costs for periods abroad can be reduced and students can study from home with internationally renowned Professors and Soloists. 


With additional qualifications in the fields of cultural and media management, entrepreneurship, intercultural communication, leadership & teambuilding under the guidance of Prof. Sabine Kierdorf (UFAM), the young musicians' know-how about the current cultural business is significantly expanded.


Passing an entrance audition in front of an international jury of specialists from the World & European Brass Association is a pre-condition for acceptance to the WBA International Trumpet Academy funded by the Werner & Marlene Schöder Foundation.


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