Charity Concerts for Peace

Brass for Peace in Ukraine


A joint project of the German trumpeter Otto Sauter

and his Ukrainian colleagues Andriy Ilkiv & KYIV - BRASS

with artists of the National Concert Hall of Organ and Chamber Music Kyiv, Ukraine


On April 1 Andriy & Nataliia Ilkiv and KYIV - BRASS set off from Ukraine, 1,800 km to Münster, where they arrived in the night of April 3. From Münster they set out on a concert tour of Germany that is unlike any concert tour they have done before Feb. 24. 


Trumpeter Andriy Ilkiv, KYIV - BRASS and pianist Nataliia Ilkiv are artists of the National Concert Hall of Organ and Chamber Music Kyiv, which is one of the most important cultural institutions in Ukraine, as well as professors of renowned universities of Ukraine. At the request of the concert hall, the musicians will play a benefit concert tour for Ukraine in Germany.


With compositions by Bach, Barber, Delerue, Skoryk, Purcell, Mendez and Belousov, among others, the program of KYIV - BRASS offers a boundlessly diverse radiance, coupled with the artistry and virtuosity of the musicians, which inspires a wide audience from young to old, from brass fans to lovers of fascinating music.


Andriy Ilkiv has asked his colleague, the German trumpeter Otto Sauter and Sabine Kierdorf (cultural management) to organize the concerts. With the help of their brass friends and partners throughout Germany, all of whom are volunteering their time to help, a benefit concert tour could be put together in about 2 weeks. The ensemble will give 13 concerts in Münster, Soest, Eckenhagen, Bonn, Aachen, Steinhausen, Bad Birnbach, Obernberg am Inn (A), Speinshart, Dresden, Schwandorf, Daberkow and Berlin. 


The Ukrainian and German trumpeters have been working together for many years. Andriy Ilkiv is WBA representative of Ukraine. The WBA, World & European Brass Association, under the artistic direction of Otto Sauter, is an international cooperation of festivals, universities, orchestras, concert halls and renowned brass players, with cultural partners in about 70 countries. 


In Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhya, Andriy Ilkiv, Otto Sauter and their brass colleagues, supported by the German Consulate General in Dnipro, have performed together. Cities that are now heavily contested and where colleagues still live, they do not know how they are doing. 


The benefit concert tour "Brass for Peace in Ukraine" follows the slogan of the World & European Brass Association: "Music Inspires - For our world in Harmony". The net proceeds will go to a music-pedagogical project for Ukrainian children and young people.


The entrance to the concerts is free - donations appreciated. 


Donations can be made at the concerts or via paypal at the following link:

The donations are collected by the 

International Society for Arts, Education & Cultural Exchange e.V. Solingen -

Further information at:





KYIV - BRASS (Kyiv, Ukraine)

KYIV - BRASS is currently the only professional brass ensemble of international class in Ukraine. The artists of the National Concert Hall of Organ and Chamber Music Kiev, one of the most important cultural institutions of Ukraine, are TOP musicians of the Ukrainian brass school. They are virtuosos on their instruments, whose experience and touring geography cover all continents, with concert programs ranging from early music to jazz, modern and "pop genres". They are winners of numerous international competitions and participate in many ensembles and projects in Ukraine. 


The leader of the ensemble is Ukrainian trumpet player Andriy ILKIV, who is also the solo trumpet player of the Würth Philharmonic Orchestra. For more than 15 years he has been a soloist of the National Concert Hall for Organ and Chamber Music in Kiev. From 2002-2017, he was the first solo trumpet player and leader of the brass section of the Philharmonia of Nations under the direction of Justus Frantz. His trumpet has been heard in Queen Elisabeth Hall in London, Berlin Konzerthaus, Munich Philharmonic, Alte Opera Frankfurt, Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Belgrade Philharmonic, Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, China, etc. Andriy Ilkiv is the Ukraine representative of the World & European Brass Association and teaches at the National Tchaikovsky Music Academy of Ukraine.


Mykhailo HOLOVIN (trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet) 

Oleksandr Trehubov (trumpet) 

Serhiy KASHYN (trombone)

Dmytro TARAN (horn)

Vasyl BUDIAKIVSKY (tuba) -


Nataliia Ilkiv, piano 

Nataliia Ilkiv has been the concertmaster of the Lyatoshynsky Ensemble at the National Concert Hall of Organ and Chamber Music of Ukraine for over 20 years. She performs in concerts of the Philharmonia of Nations, Würth Philharmonic Orchestra as well as Yamaha. In duet with Andriy Ilkiv she has performed in Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan and Kuwait.


Otto Sauter (Cologne, Germany)

Otto Sauter performs as a world-renowned piccolo trumpeter in all major concert halls. He has played at the Vatican for Pope John Paul II, with the Philharmonia Orchestra London at St. James Palace for Prince Charles, and with the China National Symphony Orchestra at the Forbidden City in Beijing. He organized the Int. Trumpet Days with guests such as Ray Charles, Maynard Ferguson and founded the Int. Trumpet Academy Bremen. He is artistic director of the Wartburg Festival, established the int. music and choir festival "Musica Sacra a Roma" in Rome and in the Vatican, the "Playtime Live City Concert Tour" for the OK FIFA Fussball WM 2006TM and the "Little Amadeus Live" concerts (Echo Klassik, TV: KI.KA/ARD/ZDF). For the "Otto Sauter Hilfsfond" he invited among others Montserrat Caballé and Bobby McFerrin to joint benefit concerts. In 2014 he founded the World & European Brass Association, an international cooperation of festivals, universities, orchestras, concert halls and renowned brass players with cultural partners in about 70 countries worldwide. Based on this, in 2021 he opened the first permanent International Online Trumpet Academy at university level, funded by the Werner & Marlene Schöder Foundation with highly talented international brass students. In addition to his solo activities, he also tours with his ensemble "Ten of the Best", which brings together ten of the world's leading trumpeters, including Andriy Ilkiv.


The right to make all changes is reserved. 

Our special thanks to all the organizers and supporters of the concerts, who made it possible that this Germany tour could be organized in only 2 weeks!!!! 



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