The Werner & Marlene Schöder Foundation

The Werner & Marlene Schöder Foundation International Trumpet Academy (WBA) gives a selected number of highly talented students and young students from all over the world the opportunity to study online with the leading internationally renowned trumpet specialists, soloists, orchestra musicians and professors of the World & European Brass Association.

The Werner & Marlene Schöder Foundation was established by the Proprietor and Managing Director of BAUSTAHL SCHÖDER GmbH, Werner Schöder and his wife Marlene. The company, founded in 1951, with a turnover of 300 million DM, 3000 employees, 50 trucks, a storage space of 105,000 sq.m. covered 40,000 sq.m., was active in wholesales in rolled steel, pipes, flat-rolled steel, Construction modification, reinforced steel, roll bending and installation, hardware, mounting technology, tools, machinery, construction equipment, industrials supplies, wire goods, construction elements, welding technology, and industrial gases. In Germany there were 13 branches in Koblenz, Neuss I+II, Dortmund, Lahnstein, Duisburg, Andernach, Cologne, Frankfurt I+II, Flörsheim, Speyer and Mutterstadt.


Werner & Marlene Schöder are not only known as music and arts admirers with their impressive art collection, which has grown steadily through their countless worldwide travels, but have always supported young musicians in cooperation with Prof. Otto Sauter, as well as nature and development aid projects.


The entrepreneurial couple thus makes a decisive contribution to sustainable cultural and social development. With the financing of the Werner & Marlene Schöder Foundation International Trumpet Academy (WBA) in cooperation with the internationally renowned piccolo trumpeter and Artistic Director Prof. Otto Sauter as well as the Managing Director Prof. Sabine Kierdorf, a worldwide unique training model for highly talented young trumpeters is created. With this, Werner & Marlene Schöder create a fundamental contribution to the promotion and preservation of the world cultural heritage of brass music.

Cooperation with internationally renowned Universities, Orchestras, Professors & Soloists

The faculty of the World & European Brass Association includes worldwide approximately 80 internationally renowned professors from universities, conservatories, and orchestras.


This offers students of the Werner & Marlene Schöder Foundation International Trumpet Academy (WBA) not only the opportunity to study with the finest professors and artists, but also to gain recognition among leading international figures for their future careers.

Financing & Organization of the Education Program:

WBA International Online Trumpet Academy funded by the Werner & Marlene Schöder Foundation

The education program "Werner & Marlene Schöder Foundation International Trumpet Academy (WBA)" is financed by the Werner & Marlene Schöder Foundation and organized by the International Society for Arts, Education and Cultural Exchange e.V., Germany.

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