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the WBA Online Academy is taking a summer break. It is expected to continue on August 17th when our WBA Music Academy will take place in Paris, Leuven and Eisenach. If you want to be there click here.






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Prof. Otto SauterInternational Soloist, Artistic Director World & European Brass Association, Cologne, Germany (Biography)


TopicsEmbouchure, high register, endurance, flexibility, staccato, Arban, Caruso / piccolo trumpet


Prof. Marc Geujon, Principal Trumpet  National Opera Orchestra Paris, Professor Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et Danse Paris, France (Biography)


TopicsFrench Solo Literature: Enesco, Honegger, Tomasi, Jolivet, Bozza etc.


Andrea Tofanelli, International Soloist, collaborates with the Paul Anka orchestra, played with jazz musicians like Maynard Ferguson (Biography)


Topics: Trumpet Technique for playing trumpet in a Big Band like extended bending, growl, shake, fall, glissando etc.


Franz Wagnermeyer, International Soloist, Schärding, Austria (Biography)


Topics: Children and Trumpet Newcomers





Prof. Armin Bachmann, International Soloist, member of Slokar Trombone Quartett, former Professor Musikhochschule Weimar, Germany and Conservatory Bern, Switzerland (Biography)


Topics: Daily studies, warm ups, breathing exercises, technical studies, trombone repertoire



Prof. Peter Körner, Assoc. Professor DMA Trombone Uludag University State Conservatory, former trombone Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, Turkey (Biography)


TopicsAlto Trombone, Exercises to improve and correct the basics (tongue, roof of the mouth, throat, glotis), Breath and air control exercises


Simone Candotto, works as a solo trombonist in the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra in Hamburg, Lecturer at the Hamburg University of Music and Drama


Topics: Preparation for audition, competition and solo concerts, Opportunities for coping with stage fright




Prof. Dariusz Mikulski, Professor Music Academy Lodz and Conductor and international Soloist, Poland (Biography)


Topics: Warm-up, flexibility, embouchure, tonguing, lip-trills, double and triple tongue, staccato



Stefan de Leval Jezierski, Horn Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Horn Teacher Karajan Academy of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Germany (Biography)


Topics: Warm-up, play smoothly and reliably between upper and lower registers, legato and staccato, preparation for audition, orchestral studies 

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